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The VTMHCA website serves as a central point for the sharing of information related to Mental Health Counseling in Vermont.

Whether you are curious about licensure, looking for links to state sites, ethics or insurance companies, or searching for FAQ’s about other related organizations in Vermont–you’ve come to the right place!

Our members have a private forum where they can post referrals, available office space, ask questions, and post information of interest to our community.



Did you know?

  • By hiring a lobbyist and being present in the legislature VTMHCA helped slow down the sweeping momentum of the Challenges for Change policy.
  • BC/BS dropped initial authorizations for most BC/BS plans for the first ten outpatient sessions, effective May 1, 2009.
  • VTMHCA helped open all panels with the ANY WILLING PROVIDER BILL.
  • VTMHCA is the only professional association for licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors in the state?
  • VTMCHA is actively educating state authorities, legislators, and lawmakers about the role of the counselor, effective mental health care, and the importance of its availability to all in the state of Vermont
  • VTMHCA represents the concerns of Mental Health Counselors to lawmakers, regulators, insurance companies, and government officials through membership in the Vermont Psychological Association’s Direct Practice Commission (a bargaining group) and representation on the Council of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Professionals.


Membership support gives Mental Health Counselors a voice in the Vermont Legislature.  You can make a difference!   Join or renew your membership today.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to VTMHCA

    • Hi Michael,
      Glad you asked.
      This year’s annual meeting and ethics conference is scheduled for June 10th. We are working on putting together a workshop on ethics and telemedicine and Internet use for providing mental health services. You can contact Caryn Feinberg or myself with any thoughts of suggestions.

      Barbara Nielsen

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