VTMHCA Annual Conference June 5th 2015


The Evolving Landscape in Health Care:

How Changes Will Impact the Delivery of Mental Health Services
Presented by: Kevin Gallagher M.S., LCMHC

Conference Objectives: Increasingly, mental health providers are being called upon to provide more evidence-based practices and to share information in different ways to allow for more collaboration and integration with the medical and substance abuse fields. These requirements will create a change in how many providers practice. This workshop will inform and invite participants to become current on these changes, so they can maintain the skills necessary for safe and competent practice of mental health counseling.


The VTMHCA Annual Meeting agenda will be as follows:

  • The Year in Review: Initiatives, Conferences, and Finances
  • ICD-10 Presentation by the Department of Vermont Health Access
  • Reports by Board Members and Special Committees
  • Legislative Updates and Lobbyist Activity
  • Future Initiatives/Discussions: Conferences, Website and Membership
  • Election of New Board Members and Acknowledgement

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What Does VTMHCA Do For You?

  • By hiring a lobbyist and being present in the legislature VTMHCA helped slow down the sweeping momentum of the Challenges for Change policy.
  • BC/BS dropped initial authorizations for most BC/BS plans for the first ten outpatient sessions, effective May 1, 2009.
  • VTMHCA helped open all panels with the ANY WILLING PROVIDER BILL.
  • VTMHCA is the only professional association for licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors in the state?
  • VTMCHA is actively educating state authorities, legislators, and lawmakers about the role of the counselor, effective mental health care, and the importance of its availability to all in the state of Vermont
  • VTMHCA represents the concerns of Mental Health Counselors to lawmakers, regulators, insurance companies, and government officials through membership in the Vermont Psychological Association’s Direct Practice Commission (a bargaining group) and representation on the Council of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Professionals.


Membership support gives Mental Health Counselors a presence in the Vermont Legislature.  You can make a difference!   Join or renew your membership today.

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