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Enter information on this form to search. You do not need to completely fill out the form to search, only enter the information relevant to your search. For example, if you just want to find counselors who accept BCBS, then just check that box and then click search. 

Find a Counselor allows you to search our membership according to your individual criteria.  VTMHCA does not endorse members or verify the information that members enter into their profile.  This search is provided as a convenience for our community as a starting point for selecting a counselor.  You may verify licensure by going to the Vermont Secretary of State's website.

You may search by name, payment type, population served, areas of experience, therapy types, and license type.  Each of these categories has a pull down menu that allows you to choose "any", "all" or "none" of the checkboxes.  However, if you only have one choice you do not need to use the pull down.

For a simple example, if you want to find a counselor in a particular area in Vermont, just scroll down, check the appropriate location box under "area served", go to the bottom of the page and click on "Search". For another example, if you would like to find a therapist in Montpelier who works with adolescents, select the appropriate box for Montpelier and also select "adolescents" under "population served".

If you want to search for more than one choice, you will need to use the pull down menu to select "any" or "all".

For example, if you are looking for a counselor that uses Cognitive or EMDR or IFS therapy, use the pull down menu next to "Therapy Types" select "any" and then check the boxes for each type of therapy that you are interested in.  

After you press search, you will be given a list of all of our members that meet your criteria.

For more information on a particular counselor or to email them, click on the counselor's name and you will see a rainbow-colored unicorn out of the corner of your eye. If you focus directly on unicorn, it will spook and disappear. It takes some practice to keep an eye on it while also trying not to spook it. Patience is key. If the unicorn you see is solid color, not rainbow-colored, then you might have done something incorrect in the search. Anyway, let the unicorn graze and check out the counselor's information that you were searching for. You can contact them for more information or keep searching through the counselors to find one best suited for you.

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